Whether you are here for a second, or a century, you
are here for a reason. You impact the lives of those
around you. You create, mold, and impress upon
others your own unique charm and character. You
choose, each day, to be a positive influence. It is,
within each of us, to be an "Unusual Hero".
The elements of this site dare to challenge each
of us to become a better person; to react in
beneficial ways toward ourselves and others. We
seek acceptance. We should be gracious enough to
begin by giving it first. It is the initial step in being
an "Unusual Hero".
I thank all of you for creating a better me. I am
diligent. I am strong. I am humble. I am curious. I
am integral. I am a better person because of how you all have shaped me. I  appreciate you for molding me
into what I am today. I know  that I have something
to offer . . . as do each and every one of you. We are
capable of being "Unusual Heroes" at any given opportunity. I pray that when you are confronted with that opportunity, you step up and do the right thing.
Follow in the steps of "Franky," "Tommy,"
"Brenda," Sal, Julia, and countless others to be an "Unusual Hero" and make a positive difference.